Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!

dsc02372This year, Connor dressed up as Aladdin and my friend Tasha’s daughter dressed up as Princess Jasmine.  The initial plan was that we were going to meet up to go trick or treating in the Waikele Outlet mall like last year.  Unfortunately, Ev and I both were not able to leave work early enough to get out to Waikele before the event finished at 7pm due to the traffic.  Hopefully Aladdin and Jasmine can be united soon.

As a consolation, we took Connor trick-o-treating for the first time.  We only went to about two dozen houses on Ev’s parent’s street, but Connor had a lot of fun going door-to-door, helping pass out candy, and watching the other children trick-o-treat.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween this year, Connor paired up with his pal Lily to form the ridiculously cute Flintstone’s couple, Pebbles and Bam Bam.  How adorable are they!?


I couldn’t find a suitable Bam Bam costume at any local costume store, so I ended up sewing one up out of four t-shirts (orange, black, brown and white), an elastic band, and a bag of cotton balls.  Not to toot my own horn, but I thought I did pretty well, especially considering my lack of sewing skills.


One strange observation – Pebbles is always in shorts, while Bam Bam is in always in an orange skirt. It worked for me since skirts are way easier to sew than shorts.  Tasha did a good job with Lily’s costume as well.


I was hoping that Halloween would be easier since it fell on a Saturday this year, but in some ways it actually made it more complicated.  We started our day at a UH football game tailgate.  Then, after the tailgate, we left Everett at the football game while Connor and I went to meet up with Natasha and Lily at the Waikele Premium Outlets, where we went trick ‘o treating from store to store.


One of my coworkers warned me that he took his son to Kahala Mall one year and it turned out to be the “worst decision ever” because there were so many kids that they spent majority of time waiting in lines after lines for candy.  I was a little worried that Waikele would be the same way but fortunately Waikele had just the right amount of kids and the shops were far enough apart that we didn’t have to wait in any lines.


I don’t think that Connor knew what was happening, but he made an awfully cute trick o’ treat-er.  Overall, it was surprisingly fun and we are already thinking about next year’s costume.