5 Months

DSC05798Grayson turned 5 months old earlier this month. Although he was over 3 weeks early and small for his age at birth, Grayson has pretty much caught up on his weight and height. I’m a little sad that he is no longer my tiny baby.DSC05808Overall, Grayson is starting to take on his own personality. He is my happy-go-lucky boy. It is so much easier to get him to smile for pictures. If you smile at him, he will usually smile back. He also loves cooing and making whale noises. I love having “conversations” with him – he coos, then I coo, and he coos back.IMG_20180106_151252I am glad that Grayson’s hair is finally starting to grow in. When he was born, he looked like an old balding man – no hair on top and small patches of hair on the sides. Now, his head resembles a fuzzy q-tip.IMG_20180106_110033Grayson has also gained much more control over his hands. He can generally grab things dangling in front of him. He has also taken a liking to sucking his left thumb. I’m happy that he likes sucking his thumb because he did not like pacifiers.DSC05825The biggest challenge right now is that he hates sleeping in his crib and loves sleeping in my bed. I don’t really blame him though. Crib beds are so hard any my bed is so soft and comfy. Stupid SIDS. Nights are still a bit of a struggle. On a good night he gets up once at around 4am, on bad nights he gets up 3 times, usually between 12 and 1 am, between 3-4am and between 5am and 6am.DSC05833I look forward to the day that Grayson sleeps through the night and I can actually get a full-night’s worth of sleep. But at least for now, this smile makes it all worth it.

Yakitori Hachibei

IMG_20171025_174624In October, Ev’s parents took the family out to a belated birthday Dinner for Ev.  After much debating, Ev decided on Yakitori Hachibei, which opened in Chinatown earlier this year.IMG_20171025_175753When we first arrived, it was still happy hour (from 5pm – 6pm) so we ordered a few of the appetizers off the happy hour menu.  Our favorite items were the Teba Karraage (fried chicken wings) with Hachibei’s special citrus dressing ($5) and the Goma Kampachi ($5), shown below.IMG_20171025_175516I was impressed with the happy hour menu, which had eight appetizers, 16 oz Kirin draft beers, and a selection of shochu highballs for $5 each.  I wouldn’t mind coming back for happy hour again.
IMG_20171025_184024The family ordered many items off the regular menu, but one of the more notable dishes that we ordered was the Cream Cheese Tofu and Miso Zuke Cheese ($8.60), which we spread on a fresh baguette slices.
IMG_20171025_184453I was also very impressed with the Hachibei Kashiwa Meshi Yaki Onigiri ($5.80 for 2), which was a grilled musubi made with Hakata rice cooked in chicken broth.  They also had a Shiso Yaki Onigri version ($5.80 for 2) that was also very tasty.
IMG_20171025_184903I also enjoyed the various chicken items, which were sourced locally from the J. Ludovico farm in Wailua.  My favorite chicken item was the Hachibei Foie Gras ($3.80), shown above. IMG_20171025_190833And, my favorite dish of the night was the Tsukiyaki Tokusen Kushi (specialty skewer, which was well worth the $6.80 price tag. Of all the skewers I tried that night, I would definitely recommend trying this one.

IMG_20171025_191946We ended the night with a large bowl (3 scoops) of pumpkin cream cheese ice cream, which was a dessert special that night.  I really like pumpkin (my favorite pie is pumpkin pie), but even I thought it had a strange taste.  Even though we would not recommend ordering it again, Connor still enjoyed it.