One Month

They say time flies when you’re having fun. The saying also aptly applies when you have a newborn and you’re exhausted.  Grayson turned a month old last week and I have no idea where the time went.  He and I recently emerged from our self-imposed house arrest and it’s wonderful to finally get out.  Unfortunately, the one month mark also meant that Ev had to return to work.img_20170906_081031.jpgOverall, Grayson is doing well and he has taken it easy on me for the most part.  He is a very good eater and had a good latch from the beginning.   In the past month, he gained a little more than 2 and a half pounds and grew 2 inches.  It’s amazing how fast babies grow.  Grayson also sleeps for longer stretches of time than Connor did at this age so I am gratful. However, he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of day and night yet.  He often wants to stays up from about 3 am to 6 am and then sleeps from 6 am to 2 pm, waking up just long enough to feed every few hours or so.  Now that Ev is back to work, most of the night duties fall on me and I feel like a walking zombie for most of the morning.  I am glad that Connor started preschool in July.  I can’t imagine having to take care of both kids at the same time.  I truly don’t know how these stay at home moms do it.  I’m hoping that Grayson soon learns that night time is for sleeping.  But, for now, it’s ok.  I’m trying to cherish every moment I have with Grayson because this may be the last time I hold such a tiny baby in a very, very long time.  I am so blessed to have a happy, healthy baby.  Hopefully, he figures it out before I return to work.  If not, I’m going to be a very tired mommy.

Madre Chocolate Company – Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Last weekend my friend Margot got married and as part of the wedding weekend festivities, a few of us attended a Make Your Own Chocolate Bar class conducted by the Madre Chocolate Company, a bean-to-bar chocolate company on Oahu, Hawaii.  The 90 minute class is held every Friday at the Madre Chocolate Company’s Chinatown location and we paid $25 for the class.
IMG_20170901_154907Walking into the shop, we were immediately hit in the nose with the delicious smell of chocolate.  The class began with a classroom style introduction of the origins of chocolate and a brief description of how the company makes it chocolate from bean to bar.  We got to sample the product at each stage of the process, first with the ripe bean, then the fermented dry bean, next the roasted bean, and finally five of the company’s most popular processed chocolate flavors.
IMG_20170901_150401My favorite chocolate was the company’s triple cacao dark chocolate bar, which is the only chocolate bar to include pieces of raw cacao fruit in it.  I also thought the Café Con Leche bar, which was a white chocolate bar flavored with Hawaiian coffee beans, was very unique.  It also contained 5 espresso shots worth of caffeine in a single bar!
IMG_20170901_160532The make your own chocolate bar portion of the class started with placing a plastic mold onto a scale and zeroing out the weight of the mold.   IMG_20170901_154426Then we poured melted chocolate onto the plastic mold until the scale until the scale read 40 grams and placed the mold onto a vibrating machine which leveled the chocolate and took the air bubbles out.IMG_20170901_154215Next, we added various spices and other flavorings to the chocolate such as sea salt, cacao nibs, pink peppercorns, ground coffee, chipotle powder, ginger, hibiscus powder, coconut, etc.
IMG_20170901_154154I decided to make my chocolate bar with puffed rice, sea salt, hibiscus powder and chipotle powder. After the chocolate bars cooled, we wrapped our bar in foil and attached a paper wrapper around the bar.
Overall, I thought the class was a fun activity for our girls day out. The class was educational and it was cool that we got to taste the different stages of the chocolate making process. The $25 cost of the class was a little expensive, but it was nice to support a local business and we got to take home our own chocolate bar. I was also pleasantly surprised that the class was so well-attended. There was about a dozen people in the class and it looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. I would highly recommend buying tickets in advance.
IMG_20170901_162852Madre Chocolate Company
8 N. Pauahi Street
Honolulu, HI 96813