Still Alive!

I had great aspirations that I would draft and schedule a bunch of blog entries to post while I was away on vacation.  Then things got busy at work trying to finish everything so that I could go on the vacation, and before I knew it, we were on a plane to Japan.

Everett, Connor and I had an amazing trip, and I am so fortunate that we both have jobs that give us vacation time to take trips.  Now that we are back, I had hoped to blog all about our travels.  Unfortunately, the hard drive that I had saved many of the pictures to decided this very moment time to die, and some of my photos from my trip, plus many of the photos I have taken over the last year might have been lost.  I know this is entirely my fault in that I should have been saving my photos on multiple drives and/or the cloud before I deleted them off of my camera.  Lessons learned, I guess.  However, it does not make the situation suck any less.

Everett is hopeful that we can take it in somewhere and have the drive professionally recovered.  I am skeptical, but we shall see.  Hope tomorrow brings better news.




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