Pro Bowl 2016

Last Sunday, Ev and I went to the Pro Bowl, which was my Christmas present to Ev. Ev is not big on buying things for Christmas and prefers giving and receiving “experiences” over stuff.  So, this year for Christmas, I decided to buy Ev Pro Bowl tickets for Christmas because (1) Ev may love football more than he loves me and (2) I figured that this might be the last time we ever have a Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  As an added bonus, my mom also scored us two extra tickets to the Pro Bowl, so we invited Ev’s former coworker Keopu and her husband Jason to come with us.

My mom agreed to babysit Connor and were baby-free for almost the entire day.  It was nice to have a day to ourselves, and we decided to start our day of freedom at Pint + Jigger.  We went to Pint + Jigger, intending on only to have a drink, but ended up settling down and having brunch.  I had only had dinner/happy hour at Pint + Jigger, so I was really surprised that they had a such and extensive brunch menu.
DSC08317Ev ordered the Chicken n Waffle Sammie ($12).  His meal came with waffle battered buffalo chicken tenders and lettuce between a brioche bun with a side order of french fries.  The chicken tenders were light, crunchy and amazing.
DSC08316Keopu ordered the P+J Breakfast Sammie ($10).  Her meal was a croissant sandwich filled with applewood smoked bacon, black forest ham, a fried egg, house-made beer cheese, and garlic aioli.  It came with a handful of waffle fries.
DSC08318Jason ordered the Breakfast Chimichanga ($10), which looked pretty much looked like what we had expected.  Inside the chimichanga was chorizo, onions, bell peppers, queso fresco, rice, scrambled eggs and black beans.
DSC08315I ordered the Monte Cristo ($12).  My sandwich comprised of Texas Toast, Black Forest ham, roasted turkey, gruyere cheese.  I was expecting a savory sandwich (like a buttery grilled cheese with ham and turkey) that I used to get at the dorms in college, but this one was the sweet-type Monte Cristo. Despite my disappointment, it was buttery and flaky, and very well-made.
DSC08321After we finished brunch, we headed to the stadium for the game. We left over an hour and a half before kick-off thinking that we would have plenty of time, but the traffic was crazy.  Also, the parking lot was full, so we had to park by Aiea Intermediate School.
DSC08323When we finally got to the stadium, we were shocked with the lines getting in.  Given the lackluster attendances at the UH games, the stadium hasn’t had much practice with large crowds.  With that said, the stadium knew that the game was sold out and they should have been prepared to handle the long lines.  We waited about 40 minutes in line, and we barely got to our seats before kick-off.  But at least we made it!  Our seats were excellent, and I’m glad that they were in the shade.  I wish we had these seats for the UH games.  Maybe one day…
DSC08327The play was just about as competitive as a football game in the backyard.  Ok, I’m exaggerating, but I’ve seen harder hits at the UH game.  I understand that no one wants to get hurt, but I do wish that the play was a little more competitive.  Our side of the football stadium was “Team Irving” and we ended up beating “Team Rice” 21 vs. 14.DSC08333Overall, it was still cool to see the pros in action, and I’m still happy that we got to go.


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