Citrus Lane – May 2015

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for parents with babies or toddlers. For those of you that don’t know much about this box, you can read a more detailed description about the box in my first Citrus Lane review post here.  In short, the box typically comes with one large item and a few smaller items and the price can range anywhere from $29 a month down to $16 a month depending on whether you buy them during a sale and the number of boxes you prepay for (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, one year). This month’s large item was this  Blowfish Graphic T-shirt from Tea Collection ($19.50).  The T-shirt was design was cute but it was just a regular 12 month T-shirt.  Connor has so much clothes that I didn’t think that this shirt would be that useful for us.  Also, I probably wouldn’t spend $20 on a regular shirt that Connor would only wear a few times before he outgrows it.


The second item in the box was this 5″ Playground Ball from Crocodile Creek ($8.99). It was happy with this ball.  I appears to be made of a thick vinyl material that is PVC and BPA free.


The third item in the box was this Snack Container from Goodbyn ($1.25).  I thoght that this was a very practical item.  I’m always looking for containers to put Connor’s food in and this two compartment snack container will be very useful.

Finally, the last item in the box as this Family Pack of sample pack of all-natural, chemical free detergents from Vaska (~$1).  The sample pack came with one dish soap packet, one baby laundry detergent packet, and one regular laundry detergent packet.

Overall, I estimate the value of this box to be approximately $30.75, which is one of the lower valued boxes I’ve received from Citrus lane.  I  purchased this subscription box primarily for the purpose of providing Connor with one or two good toys a month. As such, I was a little disappointed in this box inasmuch as there was only one real toy in the box, and it was just a rubber bouncing ball.  Hopefully next month’s box will be better.


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