Happy Birthday Tyler

Last month we went to Rijo Restaurant for Ev’s Brother, Tyler’s birthday. I was a big fan of Rijo Restaurant for lunch (see review here), so I was really excited to try the restaurant’s dinner menu.

We started the meal with one of Rijo’s signature dishes, the Dungeness Crab Cake with Truffle Egg Tofu ($16). Unfortunately, the family devoured the dish before I had a chance to take a picture, so all I have is my 1/5 portion of the dish.  The dish came with two crab cakes on a bed of soft homemade tofu.  The dish was a little pricey but very tasty.

Next we shared the Crispy Tofu and Quinoa Salad ($10). Ev and I had this previously when we ate lunch here. We liked it so much that we ordered it again for dinner. It was just as good as the first time.

We also wanted to try one of Rijo’s sushi rolls and decided on the Scallop & “zuwai Kani” Dynamite maki sushi roll ($15), which had thinly sliced scallops, cucumber, avocado, and baked snow crab. There was also a roll with spicy tuna that looked good but Ev’s dad cannot eat spicy food so we decided on the Scallop one instead.
DSC04404For our entrees, Ev’s mom had the Two Way Saikyo Yaki Butterfish ($29), which was served in a fancy metal pot.

Ev’s dad had the Ribeye steak.


Ev had the ravioli.


Tyler and I both ordered the catch of the day, cooked in a steamed, asian-style preparation. The fish was prepared well, and wasn’t overcooked. .

Tyler got a free dessert because it was his birthday.  He ordered the Choclate Lava Cake with molten matcha Green Tea.


Ev’s mom ordered the cheesecake.

DSC04425Ev’s dad ordered the creme brulee
And Ev had a gelato sampler.


I was aparently so preoccupied with taking pictures of everyone else’s dessert, I forgot to take a picture of my own dessert, which was the panna cotta with some fresh fruit.  Once again, it was a nice meal with the family.


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