Citrus Lane – April 2015


My next Citrus Lane box arrived earlier this month, and as always, I was pleasantly surprised with the box. For those of you who don’t know how Citrus Lane works, you can review my previous post describing the service here.

DSC03967The box usually comes with one larger item and two to three smaller items.  This month’s larger item was this Stacker from Green Toys ($10.50).  This might be my favorite toy from Citrus Lane to date.  Connor really loves playing with this toy and plays with it everyday.  Unlike other stacking toys that we have, this toy doesn’t have a center pole with stacking donut rings.  Instead, the pieces are designed more like lego where there is a nub on one side and a hole on the other and the pieces stack on top of each other by aligning the hole in one piece of the nub of the other.  The beauty of the design is that the pieces can be stacked in any order, and it is much easier to stack than the traditional center pole stacking toy.


The second item in the box was this set of Maracas by Hohner Kids ($9.30).  The packaging says that this toy is for 12 months and up so we haven’t given it to Connor yet.  However, it makes the cutest noise when you shake them and I’m sure Connor’s going to love them when we are able to give them to him in a few months.


The third item in the box was this Bear on Bike board book ($6.30).  We really can’t get enough board books and this book a fun read.  It was happily added to our book collection.


The last item in the box were these Tooth Tissues by My Dentists Choice (~$2).  I had to estimate the price here because the package we received was a sample pack of 10 tissues versus a pack of 30 tissues you can purchase on Amazon.  I think this item is perfect for on the go situations and this one went straight into the diaper bag.

Overall, I estimate the value of this box to be about $28.  It was one of the lower valued boxes that I’ve received so far, but I really enjoyed every one of the items in this box.


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