WI Attorney Cook Off

Every April, our office has an annual cook off competition between the attorneys of the firm.  Although this was my first time coordinating the event, I thought the event went very well and, as usual, there we a lot of great food and good compeitition.

The entries are separated into three categories – appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.  This year we had three entries in the appetizer category – bacon wrapped scallops bites, roasted broccoli salad with quinoa and pinenuts, and mini crab cakes with a sirracha or wasabi mayo sauce.



In the main dish category, we had two entrees – a spicy buffalo chicken cheeze sauce on chips or pasta and mujaddara.



Finally, in the dessert category, we had three entrees – the ultimate chocolate fudge pie, legal tortes, and a vanilla bean panna cotta with strawberries.




The mini crab cakes won the appetizer category, the mujaddara won the main dish category, and the panna cotta won the desserts category. This years’ overall winner was Michael Bird who made the mini crab cakes.


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