Citrus Lane – April 2015


My next Citrus Lane box arrived earlier this month, and as always, I was pleasantly surprised with the box. For those of you who don’t know how Citrus Lane works, you can review my previous post describing the service here.

DSC03967The box usually comes with one larger item and two to three smaller items.  This month’s larger item was this Stacker from Green Toys ($10.50).  This might be my favorite toy from Citrus Lane to date.  Connor really loves playing with this toy and plays with it everyday.  Unlike other stacking toys that we have, this toy doesn’t have a center pole with stacking donut rings.  Instead, the pieces are designed more like lego where there is a nub on one side and a hole on the other and the pieces stack on top of each other by aligning the hole in one piece of the nub of the other.  The beauty of the design is that the pieces can be stacked in any order, and it is much easier to stack than the traditional center pole stacking toy.


The second item in the box was this set of Maracas by Hohner Kids ($9.30).  The packaging says that this toy is for 12 months and up so we haven’t given it to Connor yet.  However, it makes the cutest noise when you shake them and I’m sure Connor’s going to love them when we are able to give them to him in a few months.


The third item in the box was this Bear on Bike board book ($6.30).  We really can’t get enough board books and this book a fun read.  It was happily added to our book collection.


The last item in the box were these Tooth Tissues by My Dentists Choice (~$2).  I had to estimate the price here because the package we received was a sample pack of 10 tissues versus a pack of 30 tissues you can purchase on Amazon.  I think this item is perfect for on the go situations and this one went straight into the diaper bag.

Overall, I estimate the value of this box to be about $28.  It was one of the lower valued boxes that I’ve received so far, but I really enjoyed every one of the items in this box.

Connor goes Swimming

On April 11th, we took Connor to the beach for the first time with his cousins Kyla and Kristalyn.  Ev decided to take us to Kaimana Beach in Waikiki.  Connor enjoyed the water and didn’t even cry.  Ev was happy because he finally has someone to go swimming at the beach with (since he has the hardest time getting me in the water).  Here are a few photos from that day: DSC03850 DSC03854DSC03883 DSC03913 DSC03915 DSC03920 DSC03926

Siam Garden Cafe

Siam Garden Cafe is Ev’s favorite Thai restuarant.  In fact, he likes this place so much, we’ve gone to eat there on Valentines’ Day two years in a row.  I joke that it’s becoming our Valentines’ day tradition.  I don’t mind though because the food is great, the prices are good, and we can always get a table in a reasonable amount of time, even on Valentines’ day.


Ev and I haven’t orded a dish here that we didn’t like yet.  We usually share two or three dishes. This time we went with Ev’s mom so we split three dishes and some sticky rice (not shown).  The dish I picked was the Sweet Crispy Noodles ($7.99).  I’ve seen other people order this dish and I’ve always wanted to try it.  As described in the name, the dish comprised primarily of fried rice noodles with a tangy sweet sauce topped with pork.


Ev picked the Sour Pork Sausage & Rice Salad ($11.99).  Ev and I have completely different tastes in food so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the dish he chose.  I forgot to take a picture of the dish when it came out, but here’s a picture of the lettuce wrap on my plate.


Finally, Ev’s mom ordered the Red Curry ($9.99) with chicken.  All of the curries are good, but I think this Red Curry is my favorite.  It goes great with sticky rice.  Again, I forgot to take picture when the curry first came out, but here’s a picture of my bowl – half eaten.

Overall, a great Thai meal.  I’d recommend eating at Siam Garden Café and I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

Happy Birthday Luca


A couple of weekends ago, Ev, Connor and I attended the first birthday party for Everett’s co-worker’s son, Luca. The party was at Saint John Vianney Parish Hall in Kailua.


The party had a unique Mauka to Makai theme and the party’s colors were blue and green.  Going to this birthday party just reminded me about how much work I need to do for Connor’s 1st party.


Here is the birthdy boy with his Mommy.  He’s such a big boy!


 The birthday boy with his smash cake.

DSC03404 Cupcakes!

Poopy Diapers

When Connor was born, Ev and I came to an understanding.  I would be responsible for all input (breastfeeding, making baby food, etc.) and Ev would be responsible for output.  This agreement has worked well over the past 9 months.  However, since increasing Connor’s solid food intake a few weeks ago, Connor has been having way more poop diapers than he used to have, and Ev has become more and more convinced that he got the short end of the stick in our arrangement.

This weekend, while we were playing with Connor, we both smelt the unmistakable smell of poop.   At the time Connor was babbling, “ma. ma. ma. ma.”  and Ev thought that he would be cute and asked Connor, “Connor, who would you like changing your diapers?”

Connor paused, as if considering the question, and said “Da. Da.”  :D!

Looks like Ev is going to have to continue cleaning those poopy diapers.

I love my son.

Happy Easter!

DSC03540I hope everyone had a great Easter.  My family and I took a slightly different approach to egg decorating this year and dressed the eggs up to look like minions instead.  It’s amazing what you can do with some electrical tape, felt, a black sharpie, purple yarn, glue dots, and googley eyes.

DSC03542I filled them with candy and took them to work on Friday.  They were a big hit.


WI Attorney Cook Off

Every April, our office has an annual cook off competition between the attorneys of the firm.  Although this was my first time coordinating the event, I thought the event went very well and, as usual, there we a lot of great food and good compeitition.

The entries are separated into three categories – appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.  This year we had three entries in the appetizer category – bacon wrapped scallops bites, roasted broccoli salad with quinoa and pinenuts, and mini crab cakes with a sirracha or wasabi mayo sauce.



In the main dish category, we had two entrees – a spicy buffalo chicken cheeze sauce on chips or pasta and mujaddara.



Finally, in the dessert category, we had three entrees – the ultimate chocolate fudge pie, legal tortes, and a vanilla bean panna cotta with strawberries.




The mini crab cakes won the appetizer category, the mujaddara won the main dish category, and the panna cotta won the desserts category. This years’ overall winner was Michael Bird who made the mini crab cakes.