Birthday Dinner at MW Restaurant

For my birthday, my family took me to MW Restaurant.  It was my first time there, and for the most part the food and service were above average.  The ambiance was a little disappointing for such a fancy and pricey restaurant.  The desserts, however, were exceptional and were the highlight of the meal.  Here are some pictures of the desserts we had:

DSC01225I ordered a Lilikoi Floating Island dessert, which was like a lilikoi float.
DSC01226Everett ordered the Strawberry Shortcake and it was by far my favorite dessert of the night.  I could have eaten 3 more of those!
DSC01228My father-in-law ordered a some sort of Chocolate Coffee mousse and my mother in law ordered a deconstructed Banana Cream Pie, seen below. DSC01229Overall, it was great birthday dinner.  My father-in-law was a big fan of this restaurant and said that it was the best meal he has had in a very long time.  I am so fortunate to have such great company to share my birthday with.


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